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Acts 29 The Movement Church is senior-pastor & staff led but is a registered NPO with a board of Trustees. Pastor Mathys is also accountable to his spiritual Fathers Nevil Norden and Angus Buchan. Reinhard Bonnke whom has passed away in

2019 is also greatly honored and had an immense impact on Pastor Mathys’ life.



1.The Senior Pastor is the head of the church.

2.The staff provides safety and accountability.

3.A volunteer leads the Directional Leadership Team that governs the day-to-day operations 

   of Acts 29 The Movement church and is responsible for the Acts29tm staff.

4.The team executes the day-to-day operations of Acts 29 The Movement Church.

5.The members do the work of the ministry by caring for and leading the people in our church and 


Church Finances

Many people love to give to God, but they need to have confidence in the methods and purposes used by organiza- tions to which they give. Therefore, we strive to honestly, and with integrity, reflect God’s heart with the resources people give to God.

1. Yearly External Audit of all Financials

2. % Caps on salaries, buildings & ministry expenses (Senior Pastor’s Salary is set by Board of Trustees)

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