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Connect Groups

Connect Group Functionality Requirements and Guidelines

1. The connect group leader must be a member of Acts 29 The Movement Church. In the event that an individual wishes to register a connect group, he/she must undergo the 4 week GROW process to complete membership status.

2. The purpose of a connect group is directly tied to the Goal. It acts as the vehicle by which the goal will be achieved.

3. The connect group will be a place where people can feel comfortable, connect and build relationship. It is seen as a more casual setting for fellow believers to engage and build trust. The goal is to reach the lost with connect groups whereby people can do what they love and what they're good at.

4. It is the responsibility of the connect group leader to initiate contact with the lost and make them part of the connect group to start engaging. The main idea is to discuss what happened at Sunday's event in order to get the lost into the church - connect back to the church.

5. The connect group leader is expected to attend Sunday events and when participants of the group get saved to usher them into the Acts group (place of discipleship for your group members) and help them go through the GROW process. Connect group leaders is expected to serve in one or more of our volunteer groups.

6. Connect group leaders must be acquainted with the Goal, Vision, Mission and Values of the church


Current Connect Groups

1. Healing Group

Time: Wednesdays 15:00-16:00

Place: Bronkhorstspruit Hospital

Contact: Mandie 082 496 4469

2. Beauty To Ashes

Time: Every 2nd Thursday 18:30-19:00

Place: 3 Springbok Street

Contact: Chrissie 079 614 0996

3. Bible Study Men's 

Time: Every morning 07:00

Place: To be confirmed

Contact: Roy 060 966 9625

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